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Friday, 5 August 2011

goku VS sunichi damot0

Last moment,I went to planet Namek because I want to go the Bazaar Ramadhan there.
It was good because I really love the citizens that have a good looking personality with the sharp ears and the green color tone for their whole skin.WOW!!! IT was fantastic 17 @,@
I bought some peanut from King Kai and I noticed that FLIZA was there .He sold ''murtabak..'' plus it was my favorite drink so I bought 180 of its.
Even though he was good in Mathematics BUT he could't calculate money very well .this IS because he gave me the wrong amount of money as for my balance ..HAHAHAHa..''padahal baru singget dua hargenye dia pulangkan 2 ringgit''pagal!!!!
I continued walking until I met goku.He wore like a whore .UNBELIEVABLE !!! But it is okay for me because I don't really care about his attire.The most important thing he was full of strength for two minutes.He told me that he wanted to kill sunichi damoto (super yoyo) so I though sunichi will won against him.But I didn't tell him directly ,I just used a microphone to tell what am I thinking for that time.

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