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Friday, 5 August 2011

MAtrIC lifE was GOOD TO me

Environment , friends , teachers , facilities and everything was superb during my time in matricity(KMNS)
I really miss that time
Hanging out with friends,outing together,shitting together(lol)...many actions were be together with them . hahaha.
Just wanna recall that the first friend that poked to me was Akmal IN MY prac that time.So then he was the first friend that I made in my practicum that time.Then followed by Lukman,Ustat,JimmY and many others.
About hostel,I got B5 that time and all buddies in my room were really great to me . They acted like ''nunyun'' So good = ) Zaki,Kent and Khairil were very ''sporting'' to me.But then I moved to another room just because I wanted to study with My FRIENDS with the same course . It was not like that I hated my roommates . dont make A wrong predictions okay .. hahaha ..SO i moved to B3 with Soiiii and Nzm .. Both of them are my friends and we met during school time before we entered matric and for sure I am more comfort living with them.
About teachers,,,I love my physics teacher who is MISS S .She is kindhearted and commit with her works.Plus she is really a agood teacher for many students there.FYI I never got A- below in physics in my exam.hehe That is why I really impressed with her.Miss T also a good Chemistry teacher.She got too much experiences in teaching.hahaha.. when we will meet again *wink*....(to be continued..)

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