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Monday, 19 September 2011

New Life HERE at UTM

since I live at UTM I notice some things might touch my soul and feeling .
for example , Alif who was my student before this , cried because he is missing me too much . he wanted to study with me every weekend like usual but then I couldn't.
sometimes I think relationship between everyone is too important and we must take care of it as long as we could to do that.

even though UTM is just nearby my house,but I still feel HOMESICK . I don't know why?? HAHAHA.. maybe that is me who is SYNONYM with HOMESICK forever~~~
I'm happy study is very COOL `` my roommate is also good to me plus course mates all of them are CRAZY thinking like me HAHAHAHA... but I still not forgetting about my old friends..KEEP REMEMBRANCE with all of them .. >.< 

scare+worry appear in my mind about all my subjects that I learn right now..for sure its not easy like ABC.. everything must be hardworking on it ..just hope that I can do it very well for it.
a bit changes about my routine sports here..if during my school+matriculation time I used to play basketball and badminton or maybe volleyball but here my friends and I use to play futsal ... WAHHH '' best jugakk doehhh maen futsal ni ''... 
FYI , entire of my life,this time is the first time that I ever have friends from SABAH .they are really COOL ..hahah that is the new experience for me.
okay I think I stop now . later we continue ... >.<