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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Waiting for ONE DAY

I couldn't stand it anymore
Feeling like to cry again and again
Heart feels too sad when I am thinking about it again
I could not run from it
Everyday I'll blame myself for all things happened just because of my fault
What makes me feel worse
I don't want to force anybody
But then , it seems like I'm the only one who makes people trouble

Until now I'm still thinking what the real MEANING of FRIEND , TRUE FRIEND and what it actually the meaning behind the word ''BEST FRIEND'' itself ?

I'm so sure there must be reasons why all of these happen to me
The moment I got this
I am trolling myself again
Just a small pieces I need from you
But then how long I need to wait
That's making me disappointed
It is not worth so far
I really HOPE one day he will know
And I am waiting for that time
I just want it

But I don't know
I'm still having my time or not
Because we don't really know HOW LONG WE CAN STAND
The important thing
I have to make it clear about what I feel for the all time passed
And now and current
I just have to follow what it goes
Hoping and keep on hoping everyday