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Saturday, 6 August 2011


What to do right now ?
I don't know !!!
Let share some stories about experiences during primary school..
Of course majority of you guys always playing around at school , running , chasing each others with everyone and clothes must be full with dirt finally ..hahaha..
I got one story with it ..
During I was in standard five , I made my friend's hurt .
It was not my intention at all..It was all about table tennis .
Normally , after final examination teachers allowed the students to bring toys to the school because no more learning and studying occur.
So I used to play table tennis inside my class.We brought the net,bat and ping pong's ball.
Almost of the boys in my class loved to play it..until one day came ..
I'm not too sure what was that day,but it was not saturday and sunday,the boys from standard six came to my class..they want play along with us but when we gave them to play,at last we guys all the satndard five couldn't play it anymore..*wtf* right ?? hahaha/...
So, from that particular moment I'm getting fierce..
I took one of the extra bat and straight away I threw it towards them who were playing that time .... dahh pnat nak troskan byeee !!!!!!!

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